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Rev. Judith

I believe in marriage and family!

I was born in Queensland, Australia and, to fulfil my thirst for travel adventure, I decided to go on a working holiday, starting in England. However, when I went to the travel agency to book my trip I saw a poster of Mt. Cook, in New Zealand (it was covered in snow and I had never seen snow)…so I decided to start in Auckland. That sealed my destiny because that is where I met my Canadian husband, Larry and we have been married over 50 years.

We got married in Sydney and decided to come to Canada so I could meet his family…..and the rest is history!! The photo above is from Larry's and my wedding. We settled in Vancouver, had two children, Lorri and Grant and then Larry got transferred to Ontario, where we have resided ever since.


Lorri met Scott and we were blessed with two awesome grandchildren, Cole and Kyra…now Cole is married to Moriah and we couldn’t be happier with our family.


Unfortunately, our son Grant passed in 2020 and we miss him dearly.


In 2020 we moved to Grand Bend area and live in the in-law suite of our daughter and son-in-law’s home, where they run a Bed and Breakfast business.


I have had a myriad of jobs - banking, administrative, medical and chiropractic assistant, cosmetic sales director and network marketing. Ministry came after much soul-searching, much study and I find this the most fulfilling role. I LOVE officiating weddings….many times when I finish a wedding, I have to sit in my car and pull myself together…being given the JOY and privilege of saying those words “I now pronounce you…….” is such an honour!


Of course, I also officiate baptisms/christenings (or baby blessings) and celebrations of life…each of them, in their own way, is very fulfilling.

Judith & Larry
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